Who got the power?

Designer in charge

Who got the power?


It’s me. Hi.

My name is Kevin Trinidad (pronouns: he/him) and I am a graphic designer, creative aficionado and unapologetic weirdo based in Quezon City, Philippines. An alum of the University of Chester via Raffles College of Higher Education singapore, I've been in the graphic design business for more than five years.

In an increasingly competitive and always evolving world, it is crucial to break free from any fear and discomfort that hinders progress and holds people back, and to move forward unbothered, by doing so. After all, achieving success is to fearlessly embrace different, unexpected and norm-challenging ideas, to keep going towards bold and exciting directions and to simply take charge.

Memorable brands are like lightning bolts; they beam with intense brightness, take on unique shapes and, with every strike, create a strong and lasting impact amidst the stillness around them. Confidence and an open mind is key to building such brands, as well as the courage to take bold risks and reject playing safe.

Collaborating with forward-thinking businesses across different industries, my role is to help each of them leverage their inner potentials, bring out the powers within them and, through thoughtfully planned strategies, create bold and compelling visual statements that bolt through the noise, unite people and stand out.



Thinking caps, activate.

When we first meet, you’ll explain your project scope and timeline and we’ll gain a better understanding of your business strategy and project objectives through a series of prepared interview questions.


Concept creation, engage.

For us to better define the project’s design direction, we’ll explore different potential concepts and imagery using mind maps and mood boards. A set of initial studies and key visuals would then be designed for your feedback.


Iterate until complete stop.

The chosen studies would then be evolved to become the final designs from which the rest of the deliverables would be based on. Some of them may even be made with the help of trusted partners.

What I Do

Identity Design


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Print Design

Editorial Design

Packaging Design

Advertising Design

2D Animation

3D Modeling


University of Chester

Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore

Bachelor of the Arts (Honors) in Graphic Design

2016 - 2017

Raffles Design Institute Manila

Makati City, Philippines

Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication

2013 - 2015

Work Experience

Natural Selection Design

Pasig City, Philippines

Design Associate (Project Based)



Quezon City, Philippines

Graphic Designer

2020 - 2023



Graphic/Digital Design Intern



Quezon City, Philippines

Graphic Designer

2017 - 2018


Quezon City, Philippines

Graphic Design Intern